位於大頸火車站附近( 41 Great Neck Road)的Tous Les Jours,經過許多時日緊鑼密鼓的精心籌備後,終於在日前開張營業了.

新開張的Tous Les Jours 是一家全球連鎖企業,擁有超過 20多年的發展經驗,在全球擁有 1,650 多個分店.新店是長島 Great Neck 的第一家分店.多樂之日 (TOUS Les JOURS),這是一家法國-亞洲烘焙咖啡館連鎖店,每天在店內提供 300 多種手工糕點、美味蛋糕和甜點。
憑藉每天提供新鮮烘焙食品和獨特咖啡和飲料選擇的品牌承諾,多樂之日以夢想美味的糕點、蛋糕和甜點為榮,這些糕點、蛋糕和甜點經過巧妙設計,旨在為每位客人或任何人提供最難忘的體驗收到 TOUS les JOURS 作品.TOUS Les JOURS 肯定有適合每個人的東西.
該品牌最暢銷的產品之一是其標誌性的 Cloud Cake,它由鬆軟,精緻的海綿蛋糕組成;裡面填滿了新鮮製作的攪打 Cloud 奶油口味:如牛奶、巧克力、草莓和綠茶.
TOUS les JOURS 供應許多正宗的法國-亞洲烘焙食品,如牛奶麵包、馬卡龍、麵包和羊角麵包,以及其獨特的創意和創新的季節性產品.
地址:41 Great Neck Road,Great Neck NY 11021

前第3區國會議員 候選人 司馬明Robert Zimmerman
紐約州長代表Elaine Fan
紐約州主記長-Tom Dinapoli
Great Neck 市長/副市長
Great Neck 商業發展中心主任
第16區紐約州眾議院議員Gina Silitti
前Suffolk副執行長John Kaiman
North Hempstead 第4區議員Veronica Lurvery
Nassau郡執行長Bruce Blakeman
North Hempstead 第4區議員候選人Christine Liu
Nassau County 第10區議員Mazi Melesa Pilip
North Hempstead 執行長Jennifer Desena 以及
第一區議員Robert Troiano
第二區議員Peter Zukerman
第三區議員Dennis Walsh
第四區議員Veronica Lurvery
第五區議員David Adhami
第6區議員Mariann Dalimonte
Weihua Yu -Nassau 第10區議員 候選人

自 2004 年在美國推出以來,多樂之日已發展成為一家享有盛譽的麵包店和咖啡店特許經營店,專注於採用最優質的原料精心製作的法式亞洲風味烘焙食品。 TOUS les JOURS 在法語中的意思是“每一天”。顧名思義,這家連鎖店提供種類繁多的烘焙食品——手工糕點、美味蛋糕和甜點,以及手工製作的飲料——每天在店內新鮮烘焙。該品牌以採購和使用精心挑選的原料為榮,並承諾為客戶帶來新鮮和品質。多樂之日繼續在所有市場擴張和擁抱創新。憑藉其特許經營專業知識和團隊的持續支持,該品牌受到了有興趣建立自己的小企業的人們的廣泛關注。目前,多樂之日在美國擁有 80 多家門店,在全球擁有 1,650 多家門店。

Tous Les Jours is a Worldwide Franchise with over 20 years experience expanding 1,650+ locations worldwide. We are the first location here in Great Neck ,Nassau County Long Island . TOUS les JOURS, a French-Asian bakery café chain offering more than 300 artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts baked in-store daily. With a brand promise to provide freshly baked goods and unique coffee and beverage options every day, TOUS les JOURS takes great pride in dreaming up delicious pastries, cakes and desserts, which are artfully designed to provide the most memorable experience for every guest, or anyone who receives a TOUS les JOURS creation. While there is certainly something for everyone at TOUS les JOURS, one of the brand’s bestselling items is its signature Cloud Cake, which consists of a fluffy, delicate sponge cake filled with freshly made whipped Cloud cream flavors like milk, chocolate, strawberry and green tea. TOUS les JOURS serves many authentic French-Asian baked goods, such as milk bread, macarons, loaves, and croissants, along with its own unique creations and innovative seasonal offerings.
About TOUS les JOURS
Since its launch in the United States in 2004, TOUS les JOURS has developed into a reputable bakery & café franchise, specializing in French-Asian-inspired baked goods, passionately made from the finest ingredients. TOUS les JOURS means “Every day” in French. As the name shows, the chain offers a wide range of baked goods – artisan pastries, gourmet cakes and desserts, and handcrafted beverages – baked fresh in-store every day. The brand takes pride in sourcing and using carefully selected ingredients and promises to bring freshness and quality to its customers. TOUS les JOURS continues to expand and embrace innovation in all markets. With its franchising know-how and continuous support from the team, the brand is getting a lot of attention from people who are interested in setting up their own small businesses. Currently, there are more than 80 TOUS les JOURS stores in the U.S. and more than 1,650 stores all around the world.

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